Thursday, 27 August 2009

Haze, Haze Go Away!

...and don't come back!

Yesterday was such a delight - the weather seemed to take a turn for the better. By about 3.30pm, the clouds began to gather. Shades of light grey appeared. Not promising, but present all the same. Could pass off for a false-alarm, very much like the clouds visiting on days past.
But yesterday, by about 5pm, all doubts were cleared, ironicaly, by a heavily clouded sky. It was so dark, it reminded me of that Will Smith movie, Independance Day!
Looks like I will finally be able to breathe air worthy of proper clarnatic vocal practice - minus the stuffed nose. The weather may seem to be merely a pleasant change for the average person, but for a singer whose nasal cavities protest at the slightest hint of the haze, yestarday's downpour was music to my ears!

(Photos: The frightfully delightful storm that cleared the haze yesterday!)


Joe Ismyl said...

Thanks for the weather Forecast.

Shobha Janardanan said...

Senthil, The haze is neither in Coimbatore nor Singapore. It is in KL. :-)

But thanks for asking.

Joe. You are welcome.

Joe Ismyl said...

Shoba, logn time didn't hear from you, hope you are doing fine.