Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Shobha's Book Reviews (Just Humour Me!)

Shobha has reviewed eight books recently written and published by high achiever ex-employees of homegrown companies in country X. 

To be brickbat-free, the reviews (and books themselves) will not be shared in public. This is to protect the the writers, illustrators, editors, publishers, companies mentioned and the identities of the over-compensated subcontractors. 

Entities referred to in these books, bear no intentional resemblance to any entity dead or alive in any country, dead or alive. Any similarity is intentionally coincidentally intentional.

1. Communication: Be Vague or Something Like It by May Bee 
2. How to Excel at Mediocrity: Take It Down A Notch by Relak Singh 
3. How to Excel at Mediocrity II: Work After Hours by Relak Singh (Audiobook available for non-readers) 
4. Get That Increment: Pass the Buck for Bigger Bucks by Hugh Dewitte 
5. Plan to Execute... Your Best People by Usen Throw 
6. Learn to Burn the Intern by Jaswant Slave 
7. 'Dog In the Manger': Every Selfish Employer's Guide by Ivin Yuloos 
8. Sub-contract for a Better Lifestyle by Lay Tze Guy 

To those who've taken this note seriously, please take a chill pill. It's not about you, your company or your country. Honest. :-)