Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Hobson's Choice: A TV Addict's Story


Do you? Oh! You don't, you say?

Well then, don't read ahead, because you wouldn't have a clue as to what I'm saying here.

The rest of you TV-addicts, follow me...

It's 8pm. A weeknight. Or a weekend. Immaterial, really.

You're back from work after several earth-shattering meetings. You're on your couch, recalling a squabble with the attendant at the gas station moments ago, who could not understand that a request for "petrol for 30 ringgit please", does NOT mean he can fill you up for RM 50 and then ask for the remainder with a snooty grin.

Ah, but now, you're home, aren't you? And that glorious thing called the TV will slowly bring your heart rate back to where it's meant to be.

You turn it on and start the usual surf. The usual being, HB-OWW, Minimax, Supernova Movies, Hallingtonmark, Star Universe, Bayou, Grandad, Hisherstory, Discoveroot and Flox.



"Nope, saw that yesterday."
"Nope, saw that last week."
"Nope, saw that last Wesak."
"Nope, saw that in 2006 - and seven times since! What the...?"

Ok, so it seems you're done with the movie channels. You give up and move on.


Maybe some good situational comedy. You enjoy both British and American comedy so long as it isn't in French yeah, so why not checkout your favourite channels for a good hour of laughs.

"Huh?! 'American Ideal' again?! Now that the show is over for the season, we have to watch reruns. We ALLLLL know who won already! Please save us the agony of that reality show's rerun!"

"NCEyeS...what? Click."

"Oh look... Midslumer Murders with not male, but GET THIS - - - FEMALE British detectives! What a twist, I say Jeeves! Move on!"


It's 8.45pm and you've yet to settle on a channel. This is bad. Maybe you should move on to something you can learn from despite weary eyes. Why? Because everything else sucks ...sigh!

"Nope, don't want to learn how to build a mosoleum."

"Nope, no interest in the immortalisation of Gods in Greek Mythology when we Asians already have enough Gods to populate a small planet, with the same stories - if not more intricate. Yes, a tad ethnocentric there. But someone HAS to be if we're going to get anything Asian on knowledge-oriented channels."

"Nope,don't want to see someone pulling out her hair and the world trying to save her from herself."

"Hmmm...DEFINATELY don't want to see 15 obese people on bicycles in Finland OR China OR Uranus, now that I've seen the American, Australian and Malaysian versions! Repeatedly!"

Click! The TV is switched off. It is now 9pm and you've gone over all your favourite channels and even some other random ones and then back to your faves again.


You ponder your choices - movie at the nearest cinema resulting in a late night and a groggy morning? Or a DVD of Leaonardo Di Cappucino's Interception my aunt left behind on my TV stand last week?

What do YOU think?


(Any people, places, events, objects, movies,brands or gas stations mentioned in this post are purely fictional and do not intend to bear resemblence to real life. Any resemblence is purely coincidental. Smites here represent those of the blogger and not of any organisation or authority.)