Wednesday, 25 June 2008

The Malaysian Me


Peeling myself off studies at uni was a tough task. This was because cutting off from the Music Dept and Chennai also means cutting off from my constant touch with music. And since my time in Chennai (with music) is only 3 years, you can imagien how kiasu I am with ensuring I am constantly in touch with music while there!

Having said that, I must admit, home is definately where the heart is. After my exams in Chennai this semester, it took me a second to realise that if I wanted to recharge myself for the upcoming year of music education, I HAVE to sink into my old bed in KL, sip Air Cincau in front of the TV, eat one Char Kuay Teow 'hot-hot' and watch an Indonesian horror flick - all to reprogramme that over-stimulated brain of mine. Not to mention, on the list too, was (1)savouring mom's pampering, (2) aunts' cooking, (3) cousins' yaking, (4) friends' catching up. It is just so essential for mental and emotional balance!

So, just 12 hours after I landed in KL, my cousin Shamini and her hubby Manu, took me out to Chillis in BSC for dinner! Caesar's Salad won best dish all over again for the second time since 1989, which was my first taste of Caesar's Salad, somewhere in a hotel in KL city.

HOME!!! The Malay music blasting in one of the baju kurung stalls in Sentral LRT station, the unmistakable cantonese conversations in Sg. Wang's handphone vending stalls and that nice aunty with the colourful bangles and glittering nose stud at my regular Indian food joint. Such pleasant memories, sights and sounds of home.

Yes, I miss classes in Chennai. Yes, I miss my teacher's inspiring lessons. Yes, I miss the resonance in the air that makes Carnatic Music an experience which can only be obtained in Chennai. But God, is it good to be home! And just to make sure I completely enjoy myself, in my list of to-dos, I jot down one more important thing in KL - listen to Maharajapuram Santhanam's Pancharathna Krithis, without planning for an exam, viva or practical!

Ah, now, life's complete.