Thursday, 4 October 2007


Life is full of ups and downs ...this is a 'down' right here (and a sideways!) rickshaw accident last friday. I took an auto home after uni. The auto driver rammed into a merc from behind! Why? The merc driver stopped in the middle of taking a right turn, to answer his phone.
~sigh~ Pray tell me... whodunit?
Anyway, thank God, I'm a hemotoma, a few 'arm + leg' sprains, and four stitches away from recovery. Coulda been worse. Though my right arm is in a cast, the left middle and ring fingers took a punch too, so they're temporarily out of order. :-)
Ah, but finally I'll be able to follow Desparate Housewives, eat on time and spend more time listening to music since there isn't much more I can do right now. Even to practice my singing I need a hand for "thaala". My toes just aint doing a good enough job at it I tell ya!
(Thank God for a neighbour who loves to type!)
Anyways, any takers for solving the crime?

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Hyma said...

Damn Merc. Damn Autos. Damn drivers with cell phones who stop in the middle of the road to answer a call!! What next....??! Actually, i'd rather not know.....