Sunday, 12 August 2007

Rain Rain, Don't Go Away...

Just come again at a more convenient time. Not at 9.30pm when I'm on my way back to Mylapore from dinner at Nungambakkam High Road - with traffic roaring in my ears while my friend tries to steer his weathered motorcycle around potholes and bumps.

And since Chennai roads lack pavements and shaded areas, everyone on bikes decide to huddle under the nearest tree. TREE! I thought when we were kids, our teachers in science class told us NOT to stand under trees when lightning and thunder visit. But I can't blame these poor souls...there was no shaded bus stop or shop-porch to take cover under.

Just everyone stand under the dripping, dropping, plopping rain, ok? And mini pools of water that are too big to be puddles and too small to be ponds. Smack in the middle of RK Salai! Talk about an obstacle course.

And finally, making the tail end of the journey I get onto Luz Church Road about 1/2 a KM from my home, and the land is dry. The trees are rustling from the dryness. People are walking on DRY land, and not huddling under trees. Only my friend, the bike and I, looked totally wierd as we were the only drenched objects around on that quiet road. Would not be surprised if people wondered why we looked like we just emerged from under a waterfall or something.

Haha!...Sigh! Ah well, Chennai never ceases to surprise me.


Arati said...

hi ter... how r u?!?! how's life... enjoyin wifout me?! obvoiusly not.. wishin i was ter everyday rite... hehex... *huggies**kisses* imported to u juz frm s'pore... tkkaire... (=','=)

frm ArAtI... ur fav gal... ;-p

Hyma said...

I've decided that i'm okay with rain. It's those annoying Melbourne drizzles I can't stand. I mean if you're gonna burst open and make me wet at least do it wholeheartedly!!

Hyma said...

Hmm...As i re-read that comment of mine, i realize that it may not have come out sounding exactly as i intended.. heh heh.... :P

Ah well. Cheers to the rain.

Shobha Janardanan said...

Ok...I dont think I'm supposed to comment on the comment that someone else made on my original blog post, but whatever! I really thought your comments were funny.

And for the wholehearted raining thing, I so agree!