Thursday, 1 December 2016

My First Cover on YouTube! - And it's not in Tamil, but Malay!

Dear friends, fans, visitors,

Yes, I know it's been a while. I have no grand excuses or clever stories to explain my long hiatus. Just one word: Life! And amidst all that, this video comes along. If you asked me a year ago, covers were not the first thing on my mind. My family and sometimes even colleagues at work had asked before, "why not explore a Kolly-, Bolly-pop song and do a cover"? Covers somehow felt "less"  - like I was standing on a stool to look over a wall rather than climbing it and earning the scenery for my effort. I felt it wasn't something I can sound unique with. 

But then, I met this song. I met the people behind this song, starting with Krish, who serenaded Mirip's audiences with his compositions. And then there was Toi (who though I've only seen in AF before), whose words felt like they fit the brief of the song like a glove. In summary, it was love at first note. And this cover seemed right. Not less, not more. Just right. 

Another attraction towards Wahai was that I felt for once, I was not peering over the wall standing on a stool, but was BEING the stool. Why? Because I realized so few people were doing covers of this lovely creation in spite of the artistry of it all! It felt right to step in at the time I did, and do this for the artistes who poured into making music. The only cover I found of this song was by a lovely lass called Nadia Fharshah. Check her out too.

If by the time you read this there is another one online, I think it would be like giving the creators of this song, a thumbs up.

Love always, to all striving artistes, 

P.S. I get no ad revenue from this effort. Just your love. And really, that is enough.

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