Thursday, 17 April 2008

A Blogger's Promise

"When you're a child, time is play
When you're a teen, time is study
When you're an adult, time is money,
And when you're old, time is up!"

I promised a 6-year old about 25 years ago that if it were ever in my power, I'd publish his spontaneous "poh-wems" (that is how he pronounced them!) one by one, from the time he was 4. Time's long past, and I am nowhere near to being anyone special in the publishing business (for a good reason albeit!). If I were in both, music AND writing, I'd be either insane or dead from exhausion, according to him.

Nonetheless, as I am a blogger now, I can still keep my promise to the chubby, bushy tailed, perceptive, creative kid I grew up with! Can't reveal the name or else I may beget the wrath of an embarrassed present-day yuppie!

So matey, it's published. Cheers!


HH said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
HH said... perceptive of a 6-yr old! who was the kid? can i guess please??? :):)

ps: accidentally removed my earlier comment!

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