Sunday, 29 March 2009

Google "Carnatic Music": Save A Life Today!

It is of utmost importance to my sanity! This is a plea.

Please beloved musignoramuses, google carnatic music today.

Because I'm a little weary, after 3 years of having the following conversation...

Musignoramus: So I heard you're learning Carnatic Music in India.

Me: Yes, I am.

Musignoramus: Waaah, so cool. ...Actually what is that ah?

Me: It is classical music. But it is Indian....South Indian. I learn classical indian vocal music.

Musignoramus: OOOHH! Classical? So you play piano hah?

Me: (Ahem...) No, I sing....classical indian VOCAL music. Western classical music is what you're thinking of, I think. This is Indian classical. One may choose to play Carnatic compositions on an instrument, like the veena, violin. Or sing like myself.

Musignoramus: OOOHH!! Now I know.

[Brief silence of deep thought by musignoramus]

Musignoramus: So, does this mean you are singing for Indian movies now?

Me: Why would I sing for Indian movies?

Musignoramus: Because you said you learn Indian music.

Me: I learn CLASSICAL INDIAN MUSIC (geez...what part of "classical" can't this person GET?)It has nothing to do with singng or WANTING to sing for movies.

Musignoramus: So learning CLASSICAL music means you want to sing for OLD movies now??

Me: (GRRR!) No, I don't sing for movies just because I learn classical indian music. If you learn classical music, there are so many careers open to you... besides the carnatic performance itself, you could do devotional singing, vedic chanting, you can get into composing music, teach carnatic music...

[interrupted by musignoramus]

Musignoramus: Awwww! So you CAN'T sing for movies? So sad!

Me: Yes, you can. And I would, since I am not against film music. But it is not the ONLY thing I can do, or would WANT to do!

Musignoramus: ~sad pout~ So you wont be singing for any Shah Rukh Khan movie??

Me: Nope.

Musignoramus: Hritik Roshan?

Me: Nope.

Musignoramus: ...Kamal Hassan?

Me: Nope.

Musignoramus: How devastating! But then why would you learn music if you can't sing for films?

Me: (What's with this person??)...I CAN sing for films, and have been offered to! But I learn Carnatic Music because I enjoy LEARNING Carnatic Music. Not film singing. Using my knowledge of Carnatic music, I crave singing devotional compositions, singing in fusion work, and creating music. I also like singing in the Carnatic genre itself.

Musignoramus: So, you don't have contacts for films? Have you tried getting in touch with A.R. Rahman?


Don't forget to google "Carnatic Music" today. Save a life! It will be mine!

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